Growth Opportunities


Our world is noisy and busy and time with God can be easily passed over. Devotional time is where you take some time out of your day and make an appointment to connect with God. Even Jesus took this time-“Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” (Luke 5:16)

Maturity Quotient


This is a quick way of evaluating your current spiritual condition.

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Daily Scripture Guides


These quarterly guides will help you gain insight from reading the Bible.

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What Is the 2Grow Process?
2Grow is a simple way to partner with someone and challenge each other to begin to live the life you desire to live. This process is about learning to push ourselves in the area of setting goals and taking steps in our walk with Christ. Before you meet with your partner, pray for God’s discernment and wisdom in the conversation.
Focus on listening and good questions instead of telling others what you would do.

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