Gathering Style

Journey strives to be an authentic and intentional Gathering of Christ followers. What does this look like? You really have to experience it to find out but here are some thoughts that direct our Gatherings on Sundays…

  • We all have limited resources – time, energy and money. We would rather spend money to provide food for the local food bank than offer donuts and coffee on a Sunday morning – but we do encourage you to bring your favorite beverage with you! We will often opt for practical over extravagant in our Gatherings.
  • We all come from different families and backgrounds. Our desire as a group of growing Christians is to hold tight to the things that are essential to a thriving Christian faith and allow for grace in those “grey” areas that people often fight over. We think it is important to ask questions during our Gathering and allow space for God to direct your response to those questions.

We strive to be “present” in all we do – believing that your interaction with other Christians is more important than how you are dressed. The Christian life is impossible without Christ. Growth as a Christian is amplified by including others in your journey.