Welcome to Journey Community Church!

We are a church plant in the four corners region of North Dallas (Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Plano).

We are a group of people who have lived in this area for some time now and are trying to find out what it means to do church together and pursue meaningful relationships with one another that include and extend beyond Sunday morning.

The Christian life has been viewed by many of us as a kind of destination – become a Christian and everything will be okay. But Jesus never promised us an “okay” life. He said we would have this abundant life – a life that would be a reflection of a better way than just following after our own desires. He modeled that life in both good and bad times. That is what we want to discover – the ability to live on mission for God no matter what we face on a daily basis. And nothing would be better than if you were to join us on this journey.

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